Reaching Great Heights in Revelstoke

“I wasn’t born in the mountains, but I understand their pull.”

Words and photos by Ian Houghton
Mountains have a peculiar gravity to them. Perhaps it's all that rock; the result of millions of years of eruption, erosion, and subduction that draws you back, time after time to breathe the rarefied air. I wasn't born in the mountains, but I understand their pull. Moments here can be fleeting as the light plays across jagged ridges and spills into deep valleys, but the pace of life feels slower. There's more time for exploring, more time for appreciating, and more time for living.
Revelstoke in particular represents some of the best of BC mountain living. With world-class skiing, mountain biking, rock climbing, and hiking at your feet, and a friendly, tight-knit community at your back, every day is an opportunity to reach greater heights.
Alpine Lakes - The Selkirk alpine stretching to the horizon, east of Revelstoke

begbie-falls.jpgBegbie Falls - The mist from Begbie Falls catches the afternoon light near Revelstoke

loop-brook-glacier.jpgLoop Brook Glacier - Bonney Glacier from Abbott Ridge in Glacier National Park

mars-creek.jpgMars Creek - Camping at Mars Creek opposite Frenchman's Cap on Lake Revelstoke

northern-lights-(1).jpgNorthern Lights - A spectacular Aurora Borealis display above Lake Revelstoke