Seeking Serenity on Vancouver Island

Time stands still when you’re in the rainforest

Words and photos by Tom Parker

Hiking has always been one of my favourite activities and it also just so happens to work well with another passion of mine: photography. I get the added bonus of some extra cardio lugging my camera gear around the island.
The constantly changing weather can pose a bit of a challenge but can also produce some amazing conditions, especially for photography. You could be driving down the highway on a sunny summer day and then be hit with a downpour and back to sun in less then a few minutes, or sitting on the beach in Tofino and watching a wall of fog come rolling in from offshore and blanket the whole coast in seconds.
BC’s rainforests and ecosystems are special, providing very diverse and unique landscapes in such a compact area. There are 7 biogeoclimatic zones packed into BC. With one of the mildest climates in Canada, Vancouver Island’s rainforests grow virtually year round adding to our lush landscapes.
Time seems to stand still when I am in the forest. It is hard to explain but when I become immersed in nature there is a sense of relief; where all tension and anxiety drifts from my body and mind and all I focus on is the present. No thoughts of what has or what might happen… just what is.

Little Qualicum Falls Provincial Park

Halfmoon Bay Trail

Little Qualicum Falls Provincial Park

Port Alberni

North Coast Trail