The Mountains Are Calling

Finding inspiration in BC’s Coast Mountains

Words and photos by Leigh McClurg

"Why aren't you here?" are the words that I hear whispered on the wind, in the rustle of the trees and the low clouds that hug the cliffs of the Howe Sound before rising upwards towards the shining, blindingly white summits of the Coast Mountains. 
These high peaks around me, soaring above the streets and towns, are a constant reminder of where I am not. The call of the wild is real, it pulls at my very being, beckoning me to return and visit it once again. 
I grew up among the farmland and cities of Ireland and I spent most of my life there indoors. When I moved to BC, the daily sight of these towering peaks rising into and above the clouds set vibrating a chord in me.
Writing and shooting images of my travels in the wild came about naturally. I would witness and feel things out there that I couldn't believe and felt compelled to capture them so that they could be shared with the world. The mountains of BC gave me my passion in life and for that I will always be grateful. 

AthelneyPass.jpgAthelney Pass

BrandywineFalls.jpgBrandywine Falls

MountHabrich-(1).jpgMount Habrich

TheHSCT.jpgHowe Sound Crest Trail

Vantage Peak